Winterhaven School Fifth Grade Student Web Page (4.4)

Upcoming Events:

Architects in Schools Program:


Presentations and Celebration, May 4, 1:00-2:15
Groups will present their completed projects and reflect on the process. Parents are welcome to attend!

First Thursday Architecture Show, May 7, 5:30-8:00
Our projects will be on display at the Albina Community Bank, 430 NW 10th Ave.  Hope to see you there!

Japan on the Road visit, May 18, 9:00-11:30

Bull Run Watershed Field Trip, May 20, 2009, 9:00-2:45

Field of Fun, May 29

Wish List: We need disinfectant wipes to keep our desks clean and hand sanitizer.

Classroom topics for week beginning May 4th, 2009:

Oaks State Testing:
Monday- Reading
Tuesday- Math
Thursday- Science
Friday- Social Studies
To prepare visit portaportal for practice tests!
Johnny Tremain, Chapter 1
Inquiry into electricity and resistance (Ohms law)
Multicultural Math- Working with number systems from ancient times and around the world. Visual Math lesson 41- Area model for fractions
Social Studies:
American Government part 1, lessons 4 and 5 and classroom law:
Big questions-
What is a constitutional government?
What ideas did the Founders use in the Declaration of Independence?
Mock trial practice- Goldilocks v. The Three Bears
Systems Thinking: Stewards of the Environment Speeches- mind mapping, behavior over time graphs, connection circles, causal loops, and archetypes
Japanese: Chapter 9, sightseeing in Kyoto。  JYP online

-Students will spend approximately 50 minutes each night, Monday through Friday, on homework.
-Students are expected to use the *process approach on weekly writing assignments and long term projects.
-Students will be responsible for checking this web site for homework assignments and turning in completed homework on the due date posted.
* evidence of planning (e.g. brainstorms or clusters, outlines or notes), writing the first draft, revising the first draft, editing and proof reading, and publishing

Assigned Homework:

Online practice tests for reading, math, science, and social studies
go to portaportals by subject to find practice tests
Science/Systems Thinking:
Stewards of the Environment speech
Work sample speeches will begin on Monday,  May 11.  Speeches should be well rehearsed and last between 2.5-4 minutes.

New reading on May 15
Students should be able to read the following text at any given starting point .  がんばってね!

Main Dialogue page 112 & short dialogue Page 114:
Katou-kun’s mother and Baado-kun are talking about Kyoto.
かとうくんの おかあさん:これは きょうとの えはがきです。
バードくん       :
きょうとは どんな まちですか。
かとうくんの おかあさん:きれいな まちですよ。
バードくん       :これは なんですか。
かとうくんの おかあさん:ゆうめいな おてらです。
バードくん       :
この えはがきを ください。
かとうくんの おかあさん:ええ、どうぞ。
Short Dialogues:
Short Dialogue ichi-ban.
やまもとくんの おかあさん:バードくんの うちは どこですか。
バードくん        :
やまもとくんの おかあさん:コロラドは どんな ところですか。
:とても しずかな ところです。
Short Dialogue ni-ban
やまもとくんの おかあさん:おちゃを どうぞ。
バードくん        :
やまもとくんの おかあさん:おかしは いかがですか。
バードくん        :はい、いただきます。 おいしいですね。

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