Winterhaven School 5th Grade Student Web Page (1.2)

Upcoming Events:
September 29- Back to School Night, Grades K-5, 6:00-8:00pm

Wish List: We have an ongoing need for disinfectant wipes to keep our desks clean and hand sanitizer.

Classroom topics for week beginning May 11th, 2009:
Microworlds- Observing Volvox, Blepharisma, & Vinegar Eels
Classifying Numbers
Pen pal letters, autobiographies and understanding why people write about their lives.
Japanese: Personal introductions, likes and dislikes, writing practice first four columns of hiragana and reading simple words in hiragana (first 4 columns only).

Math: 1-9 required, 22-24 & 31-33 extra credit (homework begins on page 30)
Assigned Monday, September 21. Due Tuesday, September 22.
Math: page 31, 17-21 required, 26-30, and 36-41 extra credit. Assigned Wednesday September 23, Due Thursday, September 24
Humanities: Final draft of pen pal letters due Wednesday, September 23. Please include one or more of the following;
photograph, stamp, coin, Pokemon card, or anything small, flat, and light you think your pen pal might like.
Take Home Task 2: synonyms and antonyms, due September 24
Japanese: practice online hiragana flash cards for the first four columns or beyond.
あいうえお、かきくけこ、さしすせそ、たちつてと Test on Friday. Ganbattene!

Friday’s Test- translate the following into romaji, use your handout to practice!

あおい (aoi)
うえ (ue)
あかい (akai)
えき (eki)
ここ (koko)
かさ (kasa)
あし (ashi)
おかし (okashi)
いす (isu)
そこ (soko)
たいいく (taiiku)
うち (uchi)
くつ (kutsu)
つくえ (tsukue)
て (te)


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