Winterhaven School 5th Grade Student Web Page (1.3)


Upcoming Events: September 29- Back to School Night, Grades K-5, 6:00-8:00 p.m.. Grades 3-5 will begin their presentations at 7:00 p.m.

Wish List: We need disinfectant wipes to keep our desks clean and hand sanitizer.

Classroom topics for week beginning September 28th, 2009:
Math: common multiples and common factors, cicada cycles of 13 years and 17 years
Humanities: Socratic Seminar “Looking at Art” and writing  autobiographies
Science: Looking at Blepharisma and Vinegar Eels under the microscope
Japanese: Personal introductions, first six columns of the hiragana chart, and new vocabulary introduced.

MATH: pages 42-44

9-15 required, 33-35 and 37 and 38 extra credit
, due Tuesday 9/29
16-23 required, 39-41 extra credit, due Thursday 10/1
Take Home Task 3: Homophones due October 2
JAPANESE: practice online hiragana flash cards for the first six columns or beyond.
Homework due Wednesday, September 30
Write the newly introduced hiragana na, ni, nu, ne, no and ha, hi, fu, he, ho at least 10 times each
1. あいうえお、
2. かきくけこ、
3. さしすせそ、
4. たちつてと、
5 and 6 are the new rows introduced this week
5. なにぬねの、
Test on Friday. Ganbattene!
Lesson 3: さかな、にく、いぬ、ねこ、ほし、はな、ひと、ふね
Lesson 2: かさ、あし、おかし、いす、そこ、たいいく、うち,くつ、つくえ、て
Lesson 1:あおい、うえ、あかい、えき、く、ここ

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