Winterhaven School 5th Grade Student Web Page (1.7)


-Picasso Portrait Collage

Calendar/Upcoming Events:

6- No school due to end of first quarter teacher planning day
11- No school- Veterans Day
20- OMSI field trip  (subject to approval)
23- Conferences, after school from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
24- Conferences, all day on November 24 from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m..
25-27- No School- Thanksgiving holiday
10- Science Fair, grades 5-8
19-3- Winter Break

Wish List:
We have an ongoing need for disinfectant wipes to keep our desks clean and hand sanitizer.

Classroom topics for week beginning October 26 ( 二〇〇九年 十月 二十六日):
Systems Thinking: We will be discussing the concepts interdependence and delay and archetypes Tragedy of the Commons and Limits to Growth/Success
Math: Investigation 2- Using graphs to explore data, stem-and-leaf plots, outliers, and coordinate graphs
Humanities: autobiographies- final drafts
Science: designing an inquiry with catapults.  Exploring the inquiry process:
1. background, question, hypothesis
2. materials list and procedures
3. collecting and presenting data (tables and graphs)
4. analysis and interpretation

Japanese: Lesson 7 and lessons 1-6 review from text, practice song ue o muite arukou and hiragana song

Japanese: New vocabulary from lesson 7 of our text, plus 10 words from past tests will be included on the quiz.  がんばってね!
New Vocabulary from chapter 7 (ひらがな七):①くだもの、②でんわ、③こども、④かばん、⑤ばんごはん、⑥そろばん、⑦はなび、⑧しんぶん、⑨たべもの、⑩ぼく
Write each new word from chapter 7 once in both hiragana and romazi, due Tuesday, October 27
Translate the song ueomuite arkou into romazi, due Wednesday, October 28
Math: page 40 1-4 required, due Tuesday, October 27
pages 42-47, number 9 required, numbers 12 & 15 extra credit.

page 53, Problem 3.2 A-D required.
Systems Thinking: Bring in an article, object, or idea to put on the Thinking wall, due weekly


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