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Sierpinski's Triangle

Sierpinski's Triangle

Sierpinski’s Triangle

Science Fair Portal

Part 1 due Tuesday, November 10
Journal- Set up your journal in preparation to record observations throughout all parts of the project.  Journals should include; written descriptions, labeled sketches, tables and graphs, questions, ideas, and problems.
Background Information– Include what you already know about your inquiry and conduct research from a variety of sources to add more. Sources must be cited.
Question- Your inquiry question must have a independent variable (x-axis) and an dependent variable (y-axis).
note: the independent variable is the variable you change in the experiment while the dependent variable is the corresponding measurement.
Hypothesis– This is your predicted outcome of the inquiry.  You will need to explain your thinking and reasoning in detail.  We agreed in class that a graph of your prediction would be a good visual to go along with your written explanation.  Don’t forget the independent variable (x-axis) and an dependent variable (y-axis).
Part 2 due Friday, November 13
Materials List and Procedure- Go to the inquiry portal for guidance on this part or any part of the science fair project.
Include a step by step list of the procedure you followed in your experiment. Write this section so that someone who doesn’t know anything about your project can follow what you did. Explain as though your audience is intelligent, but uninformed. Using diagrams along with your explanation of the procedure is a good idea.
Part 3 due Tuesday, November 17
Conduct Experiment and Record Data and Observations- Record observations in your science fair journal and data in a table that is titled and clearly labeled.  Graph the data clearly and accurately. In order to provide more reliable data, your experiment should be repeated several times.  It is a good idea to do a rough draft in your science journal before making a final draft.  You can use the graphing tool on our web site, or a software program such as excel (advanced) to construct your graph.
Part 4 due Friday, November 20
Analysis and Conclusion-analysis: data,charts, and lists
conclusion: statement that determines if the hypothesis is supported by your analysis or not.
Part 5 due Tuesday, December 1
Display Board Completed-
SCIENCE FAIR Thursday, December 10


Pages 12-15, 1-2 required, 20-26 extra credit. Due Tuesay, November 10
Pages 12-15, 3-12, required, 27 extra credit. Due, Friday, November 13
Lesson 9, pages 51-57. Prepare for weekly reading test on Friday.



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