Winterhaven School 5th Grade Student Web Page (2.4)

A: にほんじんですか。
B: いいえ にほんじんではありません。わたしは アメリカじんです。

Important Dates:
12.10 Science Fair, 5-7 p.m.
12.16 Field Trip to Portland Art Museum, Exhibit China Design Now, 12:30-2:45. Permission slips sent home Monday, December 7. Volunteers wanted!

Classroom topics for week beginning December 7, 2009 ( 二〇〇九年 十二月 七日
Moving Between Fractions and Decimals, Ordering Decimals
Humanities: Imaginative Writing Revising Rough Draft,  Systems Thinking Positive Change Group Projects
Science: Ohm’s Law of Electrical Resistance.  We will be making working models of fuses and light bulbs
Japanese: Lesson 12 Hiragana, Lesson 1 Conversation continued

Additional practice handout pages 23-24 required, due Tuesday
Additional practice handout pages 25-26 required, due Wednesday
Science: Science Board Revisions as needed
Lesson 12, study for Friday’s test
Systems Thinking:
Idea searching and research for Positive Change Project

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