Winterhaven School 5th Grade Student Web Page (2.6)

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The pen pal letters arrived!

Important Dates:
18- Martin Luther King, Jr. Day- NO SCHOOL

Classroom topics for week beginning January 4, 2010 ( 二〇〇十年 一月 四日
Investigation 1- Bees and Polygons

• Sort shapes according to some special properties and describe these properties
• Introduce students to rotation and reflection symmetries of figures
• Decide what shapes will tile a surface and what common properties these shapes may have.
Humanities: Civics and Government-The founding of America
Systems Thinking: Finish Positive Change group projects by Tuesday and present on Thursday.
Japanese: Lesson 14 Hiragana, Lessons 3 Conversation. Writing a Haibun (set of 5 haiku).

ACE, 1–5 required, 17–25 extra credit, due Tuesday
ACE, 6–11 required, 26–27, 29–33 extra credit, due Wednesday
ACE, 12–16 required, 28, 34–36 extra credit, due Thursday
Japanese: Hiragana Lesson 14, study for Friday’s test. Haibun, set of 5 haiku in English, final draft due Wednesday
Systems Thinking:
Positive Change Project work, group projects are to be completed by Tuesday and will be presented on Thursday. Prepare and practice for Thursdays presentation.

Systems Thinking Projects: The six steps

  1. tell the story (Mind Mapping)
  2. name the elements (What is changing within the system?)
  3. sketch behaviors over time (BOTG’s)
  4. make the system visible (Connection Circle)
  5. look for leverage (Causal Loops)
  6. share & test (Tinker, Successive Approximation)


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