Winterhaven School 5th Grade Student Web Page (2.7)

18- Martin Luther King, Jr. Day- NO SCHOOL
1- Teacher Planning Day- NO SCHOOL
4- Field Trip OMSI (Subject to approval)

Classroom topics for week beginning January 11, 2010 ( 二〇十年 一月 十一日
The Medicine Wheel
Math: Investigation 2-Polygons and Angles
Developing Angle Benchmarks– Students play a game on circular grids.This helps them to develop angle sense using rotations of 30 degree and 45 degree and their multiples.
Using an Angle Ruler- Students practice using an angle ruler (a movable protractor) to measure angles of some of the shapes in the Shapes Set.
Analyzing Measurement Errors-
Students analyze the effects of measurement error in computing the angle Amelia Earhart needed to fly to reach her next destination.
Angles and Parallel Line-
Students explore some interesting patterns among the angles created when two or more parallel lines are cut by a line.
Civics and Government-The founding of America continued.
Socratic Seminar: Analysis and significance of I Have A Dream Speech, by Dr,. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Systems Thinking:
Government as a system
Science: Constructing a light bulb model and understanding electrical resistance
Japanese: Lesson 15 Hiragana, Lessons 3 Conversation.

Math Investigation 2:
ACE, 1–3 required, 27-29 extra credit, due Tuesday
ACE, 4-9 required, 30-36, 41 extra credit, due Wednesday
ACE, 10-17 required, 37 extra credit, due Thursday
Japanese: Hiragana Lesson 15, study for Friday’s test.
Pen pal letter:
Respond to what you learned about your pen-pal in the last letter.  Mention things you have in common as well as differences.  Tell them how you celebrated the holidays.  Any trips, sledding, family gatherings and traditions, etc… Due Thursday

Japanese Practice From Chapter 3

いま 8じです。
ひるやすみは 12じはんから 1じはんまでです。

Japanese Practice From Chapter 15

1。えきへ いきます。
2。がっこうへ いきます。
3。きょうとへ いきました。
4。わたしは うちへ かえります。
5。がっこうから こうえんへ きました。

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