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1- Teacher Planning Day- NO SCHOOL
4- Field Trip to  OMSI

Classroom topics for week beginning January 19, 2010 ( 二〇十年
一月 十九日

The Medicine Wheel
Math: Investigation 3.2- Students find angle sums and then form conjectures about the relationship between the
number of sides and the angle sum of any polygon.
Investigation 3.3-Students look at regular polygons and figure out which regular polygons will tile a plane by themselves or in combinations by usinginformation about the corner angle.
Investigation 4.1-Students use Polystrips to build triangles given three side lengths. They observe that the sum of two side lengths of a triangle must be greater than the third side length and for three lengths that work there is exactly one triangle that can be built.
Investigation 4.2- Students use Polystrips to build quadrilaterals given four side lengths. They find that to make a quadrilateral, the sum of three side lengths must be greater than the fourth side length. If a
quadrilateral can be built, they also learn that different combinations of the side lengths will produce different shaped quadrilaterals.
Humanities: Civics and Government-The founding of America continued.
Socratic Seminar: TBA
Systems Thinking:
Government as a system
Science: Constructing a dimmer switch model and understanding the affect of electrical resistance
Japanese: Lessons 1-4 conversation, hiragana lessons 1-15 review
Math Investigation 2:
ACE, 3-10 required, 17, 22-24  extra credit, due Wednesday
ACE, 11-12 required, 18,19,25 extra credit, due Thursday
Speech: Loud and Clear- topic and hook, due Friday
Japanese: study for Friday’s test. You will be asked to answer questions in hiragana from the categories listed below.

Japanese Practice From Chapters 1- 4

  • numbers 1-100 (Lesson 1-3)
  • giving a phone number (Lesson 2)
  • telling the time (Lesson 3)
  • days of the week (Lesson 4)

Translate the following into hiragana:

part 1: Numbers 1-100
1. 1
2. 10
3. 55
4. 2
5. 22
Part 2: giving a phone number
My school’s phone number is 503-916-6200
Part 3: telling time
It is 3 o’clock.
Part 4 EXTRA CREDIT: Days of the week.


Part 1: いち、じゅう、ごじゅご、に、にじゅに
Part 2: がっこうのでんわばんごは 503−916−6200です。
Part 3: さんじです。
Part 4: にちようびげつようびようびすいようびもくようびけんようびようび

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