Winterhaven School 5th Grade Student Web Page (3.3)

Important Dates:

17- Late Opening
18- Elementary Science Fair (K-4) 5-7 p.m.

4- Field Trip- Wizard of Oz Play
11- Math Alive! 5:30-7:00 p.m.
17- Late Opening
17Japan on the Road visits room 23
22-26- Spring Break
2- Northwest Science Expo at P.S.U. (science fair winners grades 5-8)
Classroom topics for week beginning February 16, 2010 ( 二〇一〇年 二月 十六日から)

Investigation 4: Measuring Parallelograms
Problem 4.1: Finding Measures of Parallelograms- Students estimate the areas and perimeters of parallelograms drawn on grid paper.
Problem 4.2: Parallelograms from Triangles– By relating parallelograms to triangles, students develop a rule for finding the area of a parallelogram.
Problem 4.3: Designing Parallelograms Under Constraints- Students draw parallelograms satisfying certain given conditions.
Problem 5.1: Measuring Lakes– Students estimate the area and perimeter of irregular shapes.
Unit 2: How did the Framers Create the Constitution?
Lesson 10- Why did the founders want to change the Articles of Confederation in 1781?
Lesson 11 & 12- Who attended the Philadelphia Convention? What did they agree to do? Why did the framers use the Virginia Plan to create the Constitution?
Lesson 13- What powers were granted to the legislative branch?
Project Earth Science: Astronomy
Activity 1- Students will learn how angular diameters can be used to measure the true diameter of the Moon.
Activity 2- Students will develop an understanding of the concept of a unit known as the “light year.”
Lessons 1-6, JFYP

  • numbers 0-10, page 7
  • numbers 11-20, page 19
  • phone numbers, page 23
  • time, page 31
  • yesterday, today, tomorrow, page 41
  • days of the week, page 43
  • days of the month, page 53
  • Japanese currency, page 67

-practice reading and answering the following questions

  1. それはいくらですか。⑥
  2. たんじょうびは いつですか。⑤
  3. なんさいですか。⑤
  4. おとといは なんがつ なんにちでしたか。⑤
  5. ひるやすみは なんじからですか。③
  6. ひるやすみは なんじまでですか。③
  7. がっこの でんわばんごうは なんばんですか。②
  8. これはほんですか。②
  9. にほんじんですか。①
  10. pen にほんごで なんですか。


Math Unit 4 ACE Assignments
4.1.  1-8 required, 32 extra credit due Wednesday, February 17
4.2.  9-21 required, 33-35 extra credit, due Thursday, February 18
4.3.  22-31 required, 38-39 extra credit, due Friday, February 19

Prepare for oral quiz on Friday, February 26 (two weeks) . You will ask 5 of the questions above and answer 5 of the questions above.


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