Winterhaven School 5th Grade Student Web Page (3.4)

Important Dates:

4- Field Trip- Wizard of Oz Play
11- Math Alive! 5:30-7:00 p.m.
17- Late Opening
17- Japan on the Road visits room 23
22-26- Spring Break
2- Northwest Science Expo at P.S.U. (science fair winners grades 5-8)

Classroom topics for week beginning February 22, 2010 ( 二〇一〇年 二月 二十二日から)
Investigation 5: Measuring Irregular Shapes and Circles
Problem 5.2: Surrounding a Circle– Students measure and compare the circumferences and diameters of several circular objects.This leads to deriving the formula for the circumference of a circle.
Problem 5.4: “Squaring” a Circle– Students cover circles with radius squares in order to derive the formula for the area of a circle.
Discussion and Simulation- What is reason for the changing of the seasons?
Unit 2: How did the Framers Create the Constitution?
Lesson 11 & 12- Who attended the Philadelphia Convention? What did they agree to do? Why did the framers use the Virginia Plan to create the Constitution?
Lesson 13- What powers were granted to the legislative branch?
Project Earth Science: Astronomy
Activity 2- Students will develop an understanding of the concept of a unit known as the “light year.”
Activity 3- Students will build a scale model of the planetary distances in the Solar System.

-practice reading and answering the following questions

  1. それはいくらですか。⑥
  2. たんじょうびは いつですか。⑤
  3. なんさいですか。⑤
  4. おとといは なんがつ なんにちでしたか。⑤
  5. ひるやすみは なんじからですか。③
  6. ひるやすみは なんじまでですか。③
  7. がっこの でんわばんごうは なんばんですか。②
  8. これはほんですか。②
  9. にほんじんですか。①
  10. pen にほんごで なんですか。


Math Unit 4 ACE Assignments
5.2.  5–14 required, 39, 40, 48, 49 extra credit, due Tuesday, February 23
5.4.  16-38 required, 41-46 extra credit, due Wednesday, February 24

Prepare for oral quiz on Friday, February 26. You will ask five of the questions above and answer five of the questions above.
Practice reading and answering the 10 questions above working on fluency (speed + accuracy). From the handout, choose the five you will ask and the five you will answer, due Thursday, February 25.

  1. それはいくらですか。⑥  (soreha ikuradesuka.)
  2. たんじょうびは いつですか。⑤ (tanjyoubiha itsudesuka.)
  3. なんさいですか。⑤ (nansaidesuka)
  4. おとといは なんがつ なんにちでしたか。⑤ (ototoiha nangatsu nannitideshitaka.)
  5. ひるやすみは なんじからですか。③ (hiruyasumiha nanjikaradesuka.)
  6. ひるやすみは なんじまでですか。③(hiruyasumiha nanjimadedesuka.)
  7. がっこうの でんわばんごうは なんばんですか。②(gakkouno denwabanngouha nanbandesuka.)
  8. これは、ほんですか。②(koreha hondesuka.)
  9. にほんじんですか。①(nihonjindesuka.)
  10. pen にほんごで なんですか。(nihongode nandesuka.)

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