Winterhaven School 5th Grade Student Web Page (3.7)

Photo: Waiting with Hachiko at Shibuya Station
Important Dates


17- Two hour late opening
17- Japan on the Road visits room 23
22-26- Spring Break
2- Northwest Science Expo at P.S.U. (science fair winners grades 5-8)
15- MAC Attack
Classroom topics for week beginning March 8, 2010 ( 二〇一〇年 三月 十五日から)
Civics and Government- The founding of American government.
Writing- Present your favorite piece on Thursday in the auditorium. First ten to sign up.
Socratic Seminar-
Solar System-
Japan on the Road
Self Introduction

  1. わたしのなまえは、バードです。
  2. わたしは、ねんせいです。
  3. わたしのしょうがっこうは、ウィンターへーブンです。
  4. わたしのしゅみは、おんがくです。
  5. わたしのたんじょうびは、じゅういちがつふつかです。
  6. わたしのすきなたべものは、さかなです。
  7. わたしのすきなどうぶつは、ねこです。
  8. わたしのすきなほんは、ハリーポッターです。
  9. わたしのすきなえいがは、アリス イン ワンダーランドです。
  10. わたしのすきなスポーツは、テニスです。

Writing (optional):
Newspaper contributions are accepted weekly.  Make sure your final copy has been edited by a second person, saved to your account, and sent via email to your student editor.  Please send written text only to student editors. If you need to add a picture I (Mr. Thompson) can help you with that.

Some ideas…

  • Inanimate object papers
  • Haiku
  • Book review
  • Sharing something you recently learned
  • Systems Thinking connections you made
  • An important influence in your life

Self Introduction- Be able to introduce yourself and tell at least five things about you.  You can create your own introduction or choose from the list above.  Ganbattene! due Wednesday
Day 10 Homework- 2.7 Bricks, due Tuesday

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