4.2 Winterhaven School 5th Grade Student Web Page (April 19- April 23)

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password: awesomekidsread

Great Debate Persuasive Letter Presentation Schedule:

Monday, April 19
Sugar Act & Stamp Act
Tuesday, April 20
Quartering Act & The Sons of Liberty
Wednesday, April 21
Boston Massacre & Boston Tea Party
Thursday, April 22
The Shot Heard ‘Round the World


19- Two hour late opening
28- Write Night  5:30-7:30
30- MAC Attack sponsor sheets and pledges collected
18- Spring Musical, 1:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m.
19- Two hour late opening
25- Bull Run watershed field trip
31- Memorial Day- No School
1- Japanese Garden field trip

Current classroom topics

Multiplying fractions, multiplying fractions with mixed numbers
Writing-students will present a persuasive letter to their classmates as either a Patriot or Loyalist using the information from recently completed research papers.
Socratic Seminar– Chapter 4: THE DOLLAR MENU from Food Inc.
Focus Question: Should access to healthy food be a right for everyone?
Engineering- hands on activities and challenges
Group Presentations- students will build on their prior presentations and deliver  another “real life” situation entirely  in Japanese.

Math- ACE 1-4 required, 24-29 extra credit, page 55, due Tuesday, April 20
Spelling packet Lesson 15- due Thursday April 22
Writing- Practice reading your persuasive letter
Ongoing writing opportunities (optional):

  • Newspaper contributions are accepted weekly.  Make sure your final copy has been edited by a second person, saved to your google.docs account, and sent via email to your student editor.  Please send written text only to student editors. If you need to add a picture I, Mr. Thompson, can help you with that.
  • Present a research report during our morning chautauqua.  You can make a slide show using google.docs.
  • Create a file on google.docs and add your work to your writing folder titled “Writing 2009-2010″

Some ideas…

  • Inanimate object papers/Creative Writing
  • Haiku/Poetry
  • Book review/Summary
  • Sharing something you know well or recently learned/Informational Article
  • Systems Thinking connections you made/Interdependence
  • An important influence in your life/Biography
  • A memorable experience/Memoir
  • Anything you are passionate about

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