1.2: September 13-17

Volunteer Opportunity

Interested in helping with weekly art lessons? Parent  Paula Wagenbach will be starting art lessons in our classroom on Mondays beginning on October 4 and could use some extra hands.  Preparations could begin in the classroom as early as 11:45. Lessons will begin after lunch break at 12:30 p.m. and conclude at 2:00 p.m.. Send me an e-mail if you are interested.

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Join group called Socrates on edmodo  using code feuofg (all lower case)


22- Two Hour Late Opening
28- Back to School Night, 6:30-8:00
1- Oaks Bottom Walking field Trip
8- NO SCHOOL Statewide Inservice
13- Two Hour Late Opening


This weeks topics…

Socratic seminar: excerpt from Homer’s Odyssey
Writing: personal memoir

Problem 2.1 Students make rectangles to represent models for

numbers.  In Question B of

Problem 2.1, students use the rectangles they have

created to consider how far they must go to be

sure that they have found all the factors.

Problem 2.2 Encourages conjecturing and

creating arguments to support those conjectures.

This problem

puts students in an environment that

allows a conversation about mathematical

argument and proof.

Problem 2.3 Students explore factors and multiples with Venn

diagrams. The use of Venn diagrams

pushes students to begin to notice important things

about numbers and their factors and multiples.

While Venn diagrams are not a good tool for finding

factors and multiples, they are a very good

representational device to focus students’ attention

on the common factors and common multiples of

two numbers.

Physical science: Independent and dependent variables, inquiry process working with model pendulums to test assumptions and raise new scientific questions.  Students will practice conducting experiments that produce reliable results.  They will collect and graph data and record analysis of their findings.


Introduction to the Japanese syllabaries and language system continues.  We will practice reading and writing new words using the first 15 hiragana.  Classroom Japanese will also be practiced. がんばってね。
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