1.6 October 11-15

Important dates and notices:
  • Drivers Wanted for November 2nd field trip to OMSI.  All drivers need an updated criminal background check every year and a driver qualification form on file in the library.  Call Patty if you are not sure.
  • e-mail to schedule a conference time, November 22-23, 8:00 a.m- 8:00 p.m.. Give me a couple times and I will try to accommodate.
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Events Calendar:

13- Two Hour Late Opening
28- Open Mic Grades 5-8; 3:15-5:00 p.m.

2- Field Trip: OMSI- Cow eye dissection lab, OMNIMAX: Hurricane on the Bayou

5- No School: Teacher  planning day
11- No School: Veterans’ Day
22-23- Conferences
24-26- No School Thanksgiving Holiday

This week in….


  • Introduction to permaculture practices and principles
  • The soil food web
  • Food Forests: 3 month, 3 year, 30 year, 300 year, 2000 year
  • How the Monarch Butterfly Gets its Color- A scientific investigation from The Case of the Mummified Pigs and Other Mysteries of Nature
  • Socratic Seminar: The Boy and the Ax


Math: Bits and Pieces 1: Investigation 3 (3.1-3.5):
3.1 Making Smaller Parts- Students visualize what happens when a tenths fraction strip is partitioned to create a hundredths fraction strip and a tenths grid is partitioned to create a hundredths grid. Students begin to explore how to express the shaded area of the grids and fraction strips as both fractions and decimals.

3.2 Making Even Smaller Parts- Students think about what happens when a hundredths grid is partitioned into increasingly smaller subdivisions such as thousandths and ten thousandths. This promotes a sense of pattern as students think about what would be the next decimal place, what decimals might fall between two decimals, and then how decimals can be represented visually, symbolically, and numerically.
3.3 Decimal Benchmarks-Students use their knowledge of fractions and fraction benchmarks to make sense of and generate exact or approximated values for decimal benchmarks and their related decimals. The goal is to develop strategies for finding decimal equivalents for fractions.
3.4 Moving From Fractions to Decimals- Problem 3.4 works to foster the division interpretation of fractions.The goal is for students to understand why a fraction can be interpreted as an implied division and to see division as an efficient way to convert fractions to decimal representations. Here the calculator is introduced as a tool for changing fractions to decimals.
3.5 Ordering Decimals- Focuses on the place-value system.The goal is for students to develop strategies for comparing and ordering decimals.


Review of  あかさたなはまや columns
Introduction of らわcolumns

practice singing and reading うえおむいてあるこう

Memoir’s continued…

  • writing for a reason, opportunities to publish on our classroom e-news

  • we will begin presenting our stories this week


The Soil Food Web:

Layers of a Food Forest:

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