1.9 November 1-4

Attention 要チェック
Bring a lunch or request a sack lunch from the cafeteria(tell me on Monday)
for Tuesday’s field trip!
We will be departing Winterhaven promptly at 9:30 a.m..
Parent drivers meet your group in front of room 23 at 9:25.
Conference Schedule:
The conference schedule is now in the office. Call Patty (503.916.6200) to schedule your conference.
Events Calendar:

2- Field Trip: OMSI- Cow eye dissection lab, OMNIMAX: Hurricane on the Bayou

  • 9:30  Depart Winterhaven
  • 9:45  Arrival and check in (Planetarium entrance)
  • 10:00 Omnimax: Hurricane on the Bayou
  • 11:00  Group 1: Cow Eye Dissection in Biology Lab. Group 2: Lunch/Explore Turbine Lab
  • 12:00  Group 1: Lunch/Explore Turbine Lab. Group 2: Cow Eye Dissection
  • 1:00    Explore Identity Exhibit
  • 1:45     Return to Winterhaven

5- No School: Teacher  planning day
11- No School: Veterans’ Day
22-23- No School Conferences
24-26- No School Thanksgiving Holiday
9- Middle School Science Fair, grades 5-8
Science Fair Timeline and Information Site

This week in …
Socratic Seminar/Mysteries of Nature- Disappearing Wetlands
Louisiana’s Disappearing Wetlands- Exploring change over time, unintended consequences, and successive approximation
OMSI Field Trip- Cow eye dissection and understanding how lenses work, Hurricane on the Bayou.  The Levee system from a systems perspective
Micro-Worlds- Observing structure and behavior on volvox and vinegar eels
Bits and Pieces II
2.1- Writing Adding and Subtracting Sentences
Mathematical Goals:
Use number sentences to express sums and differences.
Develop strategies for adding and subtracting fractions.
Explore the use of fractions as operators (e.g. 2/3 of 640 acres)
2.2 Visiting the Spice Shop: Using Addition and Subtraction
Mathematical Goals:
Write number sentences to represent situations for adding and subtracting fractions and mixed numbers.

  • Numbers to 99, challenge to 999
  • Phone numbers
  • time
  • Days of the Week
  • Months of the year
  • counting objects

Imaginative- Writing the rough draft and focusing on organization