2.2 November 15-19

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Conference Schedule:
The conference schedule is now in the office. Call Patty (503.916.6200) to schedule your conference.

Events Calendar:
22-23- No School Conferences
24-26- No School Thanksgiving Holiday

8- 2 hr. Late Opening
8- 5th Grade OAKS State Reading Assessment
9- Middle School Science Fair, grades 5-8
Science Fair Timeline and Information Site
15- OMSI Field Trip– Drivers Wanted! Please e-mail if you can drive

This Week in …
Socratic Seminar: A Test of Strength, A Tale From the Fan Tribe of Africa
Micro-worlds continued- Observing structure and behavior of volvox, blepharisma, and vinegar eels
concepts: lenses, observation, magnification, data, binary fission, mother/daughter colonies and repeated division, nematodes, food-web

Bits and Pieces II
2.4 Designing Algorithms for Addition and Subtraction
Mathematical Goal: Develop an efficient algorithm for adding and subtracting fractions.
3.1: How Much of the Pan have we Sold?
Mathematical goal: estimate products of fractions, understand that finding a fraction of a number means multiplication
3.3: Finding a Part of a Part
Mathematical goals: estimate products of fractions, use models to represent the product of two fractions,  understand that finding the fraction og a number means multiplication
3.4: Changing Forms
Mathematical goals: develop and use algorithms  for multiplying combinations of fractions, whole numbers, and mixed numbers


  • Phone numbers
  • time
  • Days of the week
  • Months of the year
  • Asking and answering questions
    • What number is this?
    • What time is it now?
    • What day is today?
    • What is our schools phone number?
    • What is this? and What is that?
    • これはなんですか。と それはなんですか。
    • How do you say ________ in Japanese?
    • ________にほんごでなんですか。

Imaginative- Working with revision and editing checklists and proofing our final drafts on Wednesday
Technology Lab:
Work Time Menu: imaginative stories,  science fair preparation, web page submissions via EdModo