2.3:November 29-3

Events Calendar:


7- Science Fair Boards Turned in for Judging
8- 2 hr. Late Opening
9- 5th Grade OAKS State Reading Assessment
9- Middle School Science Fair, grades 5-8, 5-7 p.m.
Science Fair Timeline and Information Site
15- OMSI Field Trip: Focus: Architecture and Engineering- Drivers Wanted! Please e-mail if you can drive

This week in…


4.1: Students divide whole numbers by fractions to decide how many pizzas can be made with given amounts of cheese.
4.2: Fundraising Continues-Students divide fractions by whole numbers to determine shares.
4.3: Summer Work– Students divide to find the number of bows that can be made with given amounts of ribbon.
4.4: Writing a Division Algorithm– Students develop an efficient algorithm for division.


This week working in small groups we will be using the iceberg model to solve a problem in preparation for our Positive Change Projects. Students will go through the iceberg from top to bottom incorporating systems tools such as BOTG’s, connection circles, causal loops, and the ladder of inference to represent mental models.  Students will also incorporate the habits of a systems thinker and systems concepts such as leverage, and archetypes.  We will analyze the complex network of interdependent systems from Dr. Seuss’ Lorax.
Butter Battle Book Poster Session


We will continue working on counting in Japanese with this weeks topic “days of the month”. Students will also practice telling time, phone numbers, months, days of the week and counting numbers to 1,000.


This week students will take the time to read their imaginative narrative stories to their classmates and reflect on the traits of good writers.  We will also discuss opportunities for everyone to participate on our classroom e-news Peace Press.