2.6: January 3-7


5- OAKS State Testing: Science
12- Late Start (school begins at 10:45)
17- No School: Martin Luther King Jr. Day
31- No School: Teacher Planning Day (end of second quarter)

This Week in…
Ecology Topics-

  1. Permaculture principles and guild groups
  2. JASON Project Resilient Planet: Protecting Our Ecological Future. Unit 1, Invaders: A Constant Ecological Battle


Unit: Covering and Surrounding-
2.1: Building Storm Shelters- Students investigate how the perimeters of rectangles vary when they have the same area.
2.2:  Stretching the Perimeter- Students continue to investigate perimeters for a constant area but they are no longer restricted to rectangular arrangements.
2.3: Fencing in Spaces– Students find the maximum and minimum possible areas for a rectangle with a perimeter of 24 m.
2.4: Adding Tiles to Pentominos– Students add tiles to a given figure to form shapes with a common perimeter.They find all the ways the perimeter can change by adding or subtracting a single tile.


  • Positive Change Project- Developing a strategy using the habits and tools of a systems thinker
  • Narrative- student choice between imaginative or memoir
  • Publishing work on our classroom newspaper


Asking and Answering Questions

  1. What is this? これはなんですか。
  2. What is that? それはなんですか。
  3. Is this a pen? これはペンですか。
  4. Where is the pencil? えんぴつはどこですか。
  5. Do you understand Japanese? にほんごがわかりますか。
  6. How do you say pen in Japanese? ペンにほんごでなんですか。
  7. Are you Japanese? あなたはにほんじんですか。
  8. When is your birthday? たんじょうびはいつですか。
  9. How old are you? あなたはなんさいですか。
  10. What is your phone number? でんわばんごうはなんですか。
  11. What is your hobby? あなたのしゅみはなんですか。