2.7: January 10-14

12- Late Start (school begins at 10:45)
12- OAKS Testing- Math
17- No School: Martin Luther King Jr. Day
31- No School: Teacher Planning Day (end of second quarter)

This Week in…
Ecology Topics-

  1. Permaculture principles and guild group assignment
  2. Biomimicry- Learning from nature
  3. Positive Change Projects- work time


  1. _______は、どこですか。
  2. _______は、つくえのうえにあります。
  3. _______は、つくえのなかにあります。
  4. _______は、つくえのしたにあります。
  5. _______は、_______のとなりにあります。
  • うえに
  • なかに
  • したに
  • となりに
  • ペン
  • えんぴつ
  • ホッチキス
  • はさみ
  • のり
  • かみ

Information Article-

  1. Introduction to organizational structure of an informational article
  2. Brainstorming- students create an expert list
  3. Listing as a prewriting strategy
  4. Creating a graphic organizer


Covering and Surrounding
3.1 – Finding area and perimeter of triangles
3.2- Distinguishing between base, hight, and side length of triangles
3.3- Explore how triangles with the same base and height can look different but have the same area
3.4- Apply techniques for finding the areas and perimeters of rectangles and triangles to a variety of problem situations