2.8: January 18-21

Almost always, the creative dedicated minority has made the world better.
-Martin Luther King, Jr.

17- No School: Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday Celebration
31- No School: Teacher Planning Day (end of second quarter)

This Week in…

  • “I Have a Dream Speech” analysis
  • Positive Change Projects- work time
  • Writing: Everybody Writes Assignment continued, revise and edit
  • Socratic Seminar- TBA


Q: Where is the____________?  (1)
A: The ___________ is ______ the desk. (2-4)
A: The ______ is next to the _________. (5)

  1. _______は、どこですか。
  2. _______は、つくえのうえにあります。
  3. _______は、つくえのなかにあります。
  4. _______は、つくえのしたにあります。
  5. _______は、_______のとなりにあります。
  • うえに
  • なかに
  • したに
  • となりに
  • ペン
  • えんぴつ
  • ホッチキス
  • はさみ
  • のり
  • かみ
  1. How do you say pen in Japanese? ペンにほんごでなんですか。
  2. Are you Japanese? あなたはにほんじんですか。
  3. When is your birthday? たんじょうびはいつですか。
  4. How old are you? あなたはなんさいですか。
  5. What is your phone number? でんわばんごうはなんですか。
  6. What is your hobby? あなたのしゅみはなんですか。


Information Article-

  1. Select topic
  2. Listing as a prewriting strategy
  3. Creating a graphic organizer
  4. Begin rough draft

Covering and Surrounding
4.1- Finding Measures of Parallelograms: Develop and employ reasonable strategies for estimating areas and perimeters of parallelograms.
4.2- Parallelograms from Triangles: find area relationships between rectangles, triangles, and parallelograms. Use relationships between parallelograms and triangles to develop techniques for finding the areas of parallelograms.
4.3- Designing Parallelograms Under Constraints: distinguish among base, height and side length of a parallelogram.
4.4- Parks, Hotels, and Quilts: Apply techniques for finding area and perimeter of parallelograms to a variety of situations.