3.2 February 7-11

Shimoda Onsen

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三の二  Japanese Quiz:

Q:これも ノートですか。
ア:いいえ、それは ノートでは ありません。
Q:これは なんですか。
ア:それは ほんです。

Q:あれは まどですか。
ア:はい、あれは まどです。

Q:あれも まどですか。
ア:はい、あれも まどです。

Q:あれも まどですか。
ア:いいえ、あれは まどでは ありません。

Q:あれは なんですか。
ア:あれは とけいです。


Numbers, Algebraic Pieces, and Expressions
Tooth pick T’s
Different Operations on One Value
Making Up Your Own Number Tricks

Real World Math
Modeling Integers: Population Growth
Solving Algebraic Equations: Food Choices

Informational Article-
Review Good Introductions and Conclusions
Final draft  due Friday

Work Sample-
Writing to a prompt, choose one of the following:

Narrative: An “adventure” could be any new experience that had some challenges. Tell a true story about an “adventure” you have had by yourself, with your family, or with a friend.

Expository: Think of an invention that you think would make a major improvement in the world’s future.  Explain your invention and what effect it would have.

Imaginative: Imagine that you find a one dollar bill on the street.  As you look closely, you can see that a note has been written on it.  Make up a story about what it says and what happens.

Socratic Seminar: The Judge’s CoatA Tale from North Africa