3.6: March 7-11

MATH ALIVE!  Thursday, March 10, 5:30-7:00.
Join the fun and educational student designed and student led activities.
OAKS BOTTOM Walking Field Trip cancelled due to slides

This week in…

Math Alive! Group Projects-

  1. Algebra board games and number tricks
  2. Backtracking in algebra
  3. Quadratic formula game
  4. Fraction operations
  5. Geometry: pi, area, circumference etc.
  6. Probability: dice and playing card games


  • Plant community selection for 4 X 4 garden
  • Garden Goals:
    • year round ground cover to protect soil life
    • year round seasonal yields (for us and nature)
    • attract beneficial insects, bugs and animals
    • conserve water
    • proper nitrogen to carbon ratio
    • perform soil quality experiments and measurements (both chemically and biologically)
  • Mysteries of Nature connection circle and causal loop and activity


  • Reading
    • Johnny Tremain, chapters 6-8
  • Writing
    • Plant research paper: lead, thesis, overview
    • review guiding questions of body paragraph
    • citing sources, at least two quotations from outside sources required
  • Speech
    • Loud and Clear: hook and body for one minute speech rehearsed and on notecards


  • practice for March 11th kanji test

  • practice for March 18 oral test (see independent practice page)