3.7: March 11-18

Japan Oregon Relief Fund


Welcome Japan on the Road Program, Tuesday, March 12


  • Plant community selection for 4 X 4 garden
  • initial planting for year round garden on Friday
  • Garden Goals:
    • year round ground cover to protect soil life
    • year round seasonal yields (for us and nature)
    • attract beneficial insects, bugs and animals
    • conserve water
    • proper nitrogen to carbon ratio
    • perform soil quality experiments and measurements (both chemically and biologically)


  • Reading
    • Johnny Tremain, chapters 9-12
  • Writing
    • Plant research paper: lead, thesis, overview
    • review guiding questions of body paragraph
    • citing sources, at least two quotations from outside sources required
    • strong ending
    • revision checklist from writing page
    • editing checklist
  • Speech
    • Loud and Clear: hook, body and strong ending for one minute speech rehearsed and on notecards


Japan on the Road, Tuesday March 12

practice for March 18 kanji test

practice ueomuite arukou for our Japanese Guests

Friday’s dialogue click here