3.9: April 4-7

Japan Oregon Relief Fund

Photo: はなみ


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Thursday’s Quiz

kanji 1-50


We the People Chapters 9-16


Author Visits and Workshops-

  • Dayle Basye- Heck series link
  • Paul Owens Lewis link


One Minute Speech- Positive Change Project

  • Strong Hook or Lead
  • Ladder of Inference used to structure the body of speech
  • Strong conclusion


Mathematical Goals for Finding Bargains

Use percents in estimating or computing taxes, tips, and discounts.
Find what percent one number is of another number.
Solve problems using percents.

Mathematical Goals for Clipping Coupons

Develop a strategy for finding the percent of discount an amount taken off a price represents.
Use percents in estimating taxes, tips, and discounts.

Planting our garden

  • acquiring plants, soil, and tools needed
  • activating plant community plan design
  • guest speaker