4.8: May 31-June 3

Important Dates for this week June 1: Move up day, spend an hour with Mr. Bright, Ms. Tran and some of your new classmates! June 3: Field of Fun! 1:00 p.m.-3:00 p.m. (we may need to do the sun dance)

This week in … 


  • Final Systems Thinking Positive Change Project Presentations and Classmate Feedback Reports
  • Philosophy- Understanding Hobbes
  • Socratic Seminar- TBA
  • Writing- Final Touches on Mrs. Garcia Letters
  • Poetry- Personal I am from poems
  • Telling time and asking for the time
  • うえをむいてあるこう practice in preparation for the Big Chautauqua
Math Unit: Data About Us 
  • 1.1: Organizing and Interpreting Data
  • 1.2  Useful Statistics
  • 1.3  Experimenting with the Median
  • 1.4  Using Different Data Types
  • 1.5  Vertical and Horizontal Bar Graphs