1.1: September 6-9

Important Dates:
9.16  Picture Day
9.19  Back to School Night K-5, 6-7:30
9.21  Two Hour Late Start

Welcome Back Everyone!
2011-2012 beginning of the year parent letter

This week in…

  • Ecology: The Mystery of Saint Matthew Island
  • Permaculture: Ethics and Principles
  • Systems Thinking: Sustainability in the fishing industry simulation
  • Populations and Ecosystems: creating a habitat to raise milkweed bugs in the classroom for future study.

Socratic Seminar: About Revenge by Francis Bacon
Writing: Memoir
Students will understand the relationship among factors, multiples, divisors, and products.
1.1: Playing the Factor Game
1.2 Playing to Win the Factor Game
1.3: The Product Game
Introduction to Japanese culture and hiragana