1.5: October 3-7

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Important Dates:
10.7   Japanese Garden Field Trip (9:30-12:00)
10.14 No School- Statewide Inservice
10.19 Two Hour Late Opening
10.21 Bull Run Watershed Field Trip (9:00-2:45)

This week in…
Lorax Design Project- 

  • Monday- complete story boards integrating three permaculture principles and three habits of a systems thinker. One connection circle, one causal loop, and one BOTG is required to communicate your design proposal
  • Tuesday- begin final design proposals
  • Wednesday- Complete final project design proposals
  • Thursday- Group project presentations

Omnivores Dilemma:
9- My Fast Food Meal
10- Big Organic
11- More Big Organic
Continue milkweed bug observations and building terrestrial habitats
Bits and Pieces: Understanding Fractions, Decimals, and Percentages
2.1- Equivalent Fractions and Equal Shares
2.2- Finding Equivalent Fractions
2.3- Comparing Fractions to Benchmarks
2.4- Fractions Between Fractions
2.5- Naming Fractions
にほんご nihongo
まみむめも、や ゆ よ (review)
らりるれろ、わ   を ん

dog にほんごでなんですか
dog  nihongo de nan desuka
inu eigo de nan desuka