1.7: October 17-21

Volunteer Opportunities
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Important Dates
10.19- two hour late opening
10.21- Bull Run Watershed Field Trip, 9:00-2:45.  Dress warm and bring your lunch or arrange for a sack lunch from the cafeteria.
This week in…
Ecology– ecosystem vocabulary, how terrestrial and aquatic systems create no waste
Science Fair– practice inquiry using pendulums, create a science fair question bank and practice making hypothesis graphs.  Bull Run Watershed– How natural watersheds store and clean our drinking water.
Bits and Pieces 1: Investigation 3- Moving Between Fractions and Decimals
3.1- Making Smaller Parts- Using Tenths and Hundredths
3.2- Making Even Smaller Parts- Place Values Greater Than Hundredths
3.3- Decimal Benchmarks-
3.4- Moving From Fractions to Decimals
3.5- Ordering Decimals
Writing – Imaginative Narrative: Continuing with setting and character descriptions, Creative Thinking activity describing the path to a better future.
Practice our song- ue wo muite arukou in hiragana
Practice writing new hiragana: きゃ きゅ きょ ぎゃ ぎゅ ぎょ しゃ しゅ しょ じゃ じゅ じょ ちゃ ちゅ ちょ ぢゃ ぢゅ ぢょ
Practice telling time and phone number