2.2: November 28- December 2

Volunteer Opportunities:
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Important Dates:
12.8: Science Fair grades 5-8, 5:00-7:00 p.m.
12.14: Two hour late opening
12.17-1.2: Winter Vacation

This week in …

Permaculture Ethics and Design Principles
-Designing permaculture guilds; three sisters, insectary, perennials, four season, soil builders, educational, etc.
-Decomposers/Soil Makers: Isopods, red worms, fungi and other decomposers
-Composting and Worm Bins. Is zero waste possible?

Writing a persuasive letter promoting positive change to the editor, company/corporation, or politician (mayor, congress person or senator).

Bits and Pieces II: 
Estimating with fractions and mixed numbers
2.1: Land Sections
2.2: Visiting the Spice Shop
2.4: Designing Algorithms for adding and subtracting fractions
Real World Math– Number Patterns: Waste & Recycling a systems thinking approach
Japanese: Hiragana Review and the first four columns of Katakana
a  i   u  e  o     ka ki ku ke ko   sa shi su se so   ta chi tsu te to  romaji
あいうえお かきくけこ  さしすせそ  たちつてと  hiragana
アイウエオ カキクケコ      サシスセソ  タチツテト  katakana

Writing simple sentences in hiragana, asking questions regarding time, age, phone numbers, and “how do you say it in Japanese?” .