2.5: January 3-6

あけましておめでとうございます 2012!

Year of the Dragon

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Important Dates:

1.16: Martin Luther King Jr. Day, No School
1.18: Two hour late opening
2.3: Teacher Planning Day, No School
2.15: Two hour late opening
2.20: Presidents’ Day, No School

This week in…

  • Video: Hurricane on the Bayou systems thinking activity
  • Reading: One Straw Revolution by Masanobu Fukuoka, part 1 of 5
  • Green Team group project proposals

U.S. History and Government

  • What were the British Colonies like in the 1770’s?
  • Why did the Founders believe that people needed government?
  • What is a republican government?


  • Bits and Pieces II review for unit test
  • Real World Math: Modeling Integers: Population Growth
  • Real World Math: Solving Algebraic Equations: Food Choices


  • reading hiragana text
  • writing katakana: ラリウレロ ワヲ

Kaii Higashiyama