2.6: January 9-13

Volunteer Opportunities:
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Important Dates:
1.16: Martin Luther King Jr. Day, No School
1.18: Two hour late opening
2.3: Teacher Planning Day, No School
2.15: Two hour late opening
2.20: Presidents’ Day, No School

Our New Worm Bin! Turning food scraps into healthy soil.

This week in…

-Worm bin composting- We will set up our new biological systems designed to turn our food scraps into nutrient rich soil for our permaculture gardens.
-Reading: One Straw Revolution by Masanobu Fukuoka, part 1 of 5
-Green Team group project work time
U.S. History and Government

  1. What were the British Colonies like in the 1770′s?
  2. Why did the Founders believe that people needed government?
  3. What is a republican government?

Covering and Surrounding
1.1- Designing Bumper Car Rides
1.2- Pricing Bumper Car Rides
1.3- Decoding Designs
Real World Math: Solving Algebraic Equations: Food Choices

reading hiragana text and writing katakana