2.8: January 23-27

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Important Dates:
2.3: Teacher Planning Day, No School
2.15: Two hour late opening
2.20: Presidents’ Day, No School
This week in…
-Positive Change Project midterm presentations
-Green Team Projects, increasing awareness by collecting data
-Writing, prompt: what did Masanobu Fukuoka mean by “do nothing farming”?
-Writing, positive change project reflection on both reinforcing and corrective feedback (reinforcing and corrective
Covering and Surrounding: Two Dimensional Measurement
3.1 Triangles on Grids
3.2 More Triangles

3.3 What’s the Area
3.4 Designing TrianglesUnder Constraints
カタカナ:Writing the countries of the world
ひらがな:Reading  and acting out Japanese dialogues (no English!)