3.1: February 6-10

Volunteer Opportunities:
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Important Dates:
2.15: Two hour late opening
2.20: Presidents’ Day, No School
3.2: Dr Seuss’s Birthday (Read Across America Day)
3.15: Math Alive!, 5:30-7:00
3.20: OMSI Field Trip, cow eye dissection, OMNIMAX
4.17: Spring Musical “Ring Out the Bells of Freedom”
4.22: Earth Day
4.25: Write Night, 5:30-7:30
This week in…
One Straw Revolution Part II

  • A Modest Solution to a Difficult Problem
  • The Marketing of  Natural Food
  • Research for Who’s Benefit

Biography of a plant

  • yield assessment of “rice” (connection circle, causal loos, webs)
  • how to select a plant to research from a systems thinking perspective
  • accumulating “important data” i.e. the plants role in natures community (needs and yields assessment)

Green Team Projects- Making it “real”

  • What BIG question am I answering? 
  • How will I collect data?
  • How will I present data across the math curriculum strands?
    • Measurement including volume, area, 
    • Statistics through data collection and research (tables and graphs)
    • Algebra (formulas showing rates of increases and decreases in  stock and flow models) plug in the  variables to see the outcome or possible outcomes
    • Geometry (scale, efficiency maximizing edge, minimizing waste)
    •  Probability (future scenarios)

Connected Math 2: Covering and Surrounding

  • 4.1: Finding Measures of Parallelograms
  • 4.2: Parallelograms from Triangles
  • 4.3: Designing Parallelograms Under Constraints
  • 4.4: Parks, Hotels, and Quilts

にほんご 日本語 Japanese ( 一          )

 いち  一   one
みぎ   右      right
あめ  雨      rain
えん  円      yen
おう  王      king
おと   音      sound
下      under
ひ    火      fire
はな   花      flower
かい   貝      clam

Construct and perform dialogues
Sing ueomuite  arukou from hiragana