3.2: February 13-17

Volunteer Opportunities:
Volunteer page
Important Dates:
2.15: Two hour late opening
2.20: Presidents’ Day, No School
3.2: Dr Seuss’s Birthday (Read Across America Day)
3.15: Math Alive!, 5:30-7:00
3.20: OMSI Field Trip, cow eye dissection, OMNIMAX
4.17: Spring Musical “Ring Out the Bells of Freedom”
4.22: Earth Day
4.25: Write Night, 5:30-7:30

A X R/12 = W cubic feet, W X 7.5 = rain collected in gallons per year

This week in…

Math Permaculture principles to live by “Start small and build on success.” and “Many hands make light work.”
Green Team Projects- from planning to action
– Communicating through mathematics by integrating;  measurement, geometry, algebra, statistics, and probability.
–  Stock and Flow Models, understanding inputs and outputs in order to store or conserve energy, working with converters, building on complexity from simple models.
– Needs assessment; time, labor, supplies, donations etc.
One Straw Revolution

  • Simply Serve Nature and All is Well 
  • Nature’s Food Mandala

Growing From Seed (Classroom Greenhouse)

  • artificial lighting
  • natural lighting
  • indoor vs. outdoor
  • designing a year round garden guild
  • propagation methods beyond seeds
にほんご 日本語 Japanese
 がく      学    learn  
き               spirit
やす     休          rest
たま               ball
 きん              gold
きゅう              nine
そら               sky
つき               moon
いぬ               dog
み                look