3.4: February 27- March 2

Donate a plant or organic matter for our permacultute garden
permaculture principle- Many hands make light work
Plant sign-up page
Volunteer Opportunities:
Drivers wanted for our OMSI field trip!

Volunteer sign-up page
Important Dates:
3.2: Dr Seuss’s Birthday (Read Across America Day)
3.15: Math Alive!, 5:30-7:00
3.20: OMSI Field Trip, cow eye dissection, OMNIMAX
4.17: Spring Musical “Ring Out the Bells of Freedom”
4.22: Earth Day
4.25: Write Night, 5:30-7:30
This week in…
-Seeds and Germination- recording data and observations of corn and lima-beans in science notebooks
-Seed to seed cycle in Wisconsin fast plants
Wisconsin Fast Plant Cycle

-Aquaponic and Hydroponic design challenges, looking into setting up an aquaponic system in our classroom

Topic- Biography of a plant
Genre- Expository, research
-Writing a memorable conclusion (Friday)
Best ending choices for nonfiction: summary, final wonders, or reflection
Johnny Tremain
Chapter 2: The Pride of Your Power
Chapter 3: An Earth of Brass

 にほんご 日本語 Japanese

    十   女  小    森
みみ   耳   ear
なな   七       seven
くるま  車       car
て     手      hand
じゅう  十       ten
で    出      out
おんな  女      woman
ちい   小      small
うえ   上      up
もり   森

Green Team/Math Alive!:
-project work time, perfecting visual displays that include all five math strands
-Stock and Flow Models

1. Coordinate Graphing, Number Tricks and Inductive Reasoning
2. Writing Algebraic Expressions
3. Numbers, Algebra Pieces, and Expressions