3.7: March 19-23

Science Fair EXPO Update (Our Four Fifth grade Winterhaven science fair winners)

  • Schedule
  • Thursday, March 22, set up boards at PSU’s Stott center
  • Friday, March 23, attend science fair. Mr. Thompson will travel with the four fifth grade students via Tri-met.  Depart at 9:00, return at 2:45.  If you would like to attend the evening award ceremony make arrangements to meet your daughter at PSU before 1:30 p.m. 
  • bring bus fare and lunch money 

ATTENTION: One or two more drivers needed for our March 20th OMSI Field-trip, we will depart at 9:15 and return to Winterhaven by 1:15.  Sign-up by clicking here.

Donate a plant or organic matter for our permacultute garden
permaculture principle- Many hands make light work
Plant/Organic Matter Sign-up Page
Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Driver wanted for our OMSI field trip!
  • Fundraising coordinator for LED Lighting project and Water Bottle Filling Station wanted.

Volunteer sign-up page

Image: Pineapple Guava, planted 3/17/2012
Important Dates:

3.20: OMSI Field Trip, cow eye dissection, OMNIMAX
3.21: Late Opening, 10:45 start time
4.12: MAC Attack

4.17: Spring Musical “Ring Out the Bells of Freedom”
4.18: Late Start, 10:45 start time

4.22: Earth Day
4.25: Write Night, 5:30-7:30

This week in…
3.7:     田       
町  まち      town
天   てん       Heaven
田  た           rice field
土  つち        soil
二  に            two
日  にち        day
入  はい(る)in
年  とし       year
白  しろ       white
  はち  eight

 Johnny Tremain

  • Chapter 7: The Fiddler’s Bill
  • Chapter 8:  A World to Come
  • Chapter 9: The Scarlet Deluge
Final revisions on plant biographies, with bibliographies.
Final revisions on “garbage” free write

Math Problem Solving- Algebra
Bits and Pieces III: Computing with Decimals and Percents
1.1: About How Much? (Estimating when adding and subtracting decimals)
1.2: Adding and Subtracting Decimals
1.3: Using Fractions to Add and Subtract Decimals
1.4: Decimal Sum and Difference Algorithms


  • Designing a spring food garden around needs; soil, sun/shade, water, maintenance, plant community interdependence, human needs etc. 
  • Seeds: germination  needs