3.8: April 2-6

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Aquaponic VEG system

Important Dates: 
4.2  Author Visit: Bart King
4.5 Author Visit: Graphic Novelist Matthew Holm
4.11: Field Trip- Arlene Schnitzer Hall, Portland Youth Philharmonic Concert, 9:15- 11:45
4.12: MAC Attack
4.17: Spring Musical “Ring Out the Bells of Freedom” 7:00 p.m.
4.18: Late Start, 10:45 start time
4.20: Earth Day Celebration: Plastic Quilt Project displayed, Auditorium Times TBA
4.22: Earth Day
4.25: Write Night, 5:30-7:30

Steve, Bill, and our new LED system.

This week in…
3.8:          林  
百   ひゃく hundred
文  ぶん     sentence
木  き           tree
本  ほん       book
名  な          name
目  め          eye
立  たつ        stand
力  ちから    power
林  はやし    woods
六  ろく       six

 Johnny Tremain

  • Chapter 9: The Scarlet Deluge
  • Chapter 10: Disperse Ye Rebels
  • Chapter 11: Yankee Doodle
  • Chapter 12: A Man Can Stand Up
Preparation for write night
Step 1: Organize your Writing Portfolio Folder and label pieces as follows, your title will replace  blue
1. Memoir: One Interesting Experience
2. Imaginative: Hopeful Future
3. Science Inquiry: Project Title
4. Business Letter: To Company or Politician
5. Research: Biography of a Plant
6. Free Write: Garbage
7.  Any piece you wrote for fun or long term projects like Positive Change or Green Team

Step 2: Students will choose one piece of writing from their portfolio to share for write night.  After the piece is chosen it will go through a peer revision process. Authors will consider both corrective and reinforcing feedback when making final revisions.
Math Problem Solving- Fractions, Decimals, and Percentages
Bits and Pieces III: Computing with Decimals and Percents
2.1: Relating Fraction and Decimal Multiplication
2.4: Factor-Product Relationships
3.2: The Great Equalizer: Using Common Denominators to Divide Decimals
3.4: Representing Fractions as Decimals

The Nitrogen Cycle in an Aquaponic System


  • Nitrosomonas (Nitrite Bacteria)
  • Nitrobacter (Nitrate Bacteria
  • Nitrite
  • Nitrate
  • NH4
  • NO2
  • NO3