4.4: May 7-11

Thank you Fawn Lengvenis for coordinating the Burgerville fundraiser and to the Winterhaven community, we raised nearly $400 and broke some records.
Donation box in office for fifth grade facilities improvement projects
– Water bottle filling station
– Water catchment system and rain garden
– Permaculture garden for garden to cafeteria project
-LED lighting system
-Waste reduction projects, including vermicomposting  and LED lighting systems
– Place making and outdoor classroom

Donate needed supplies sign-up page
Volunteer sign-up page
Important Dates:
5.16  Late Opening (10:45)
5.28  Memorial Day- No School
6.1     Field of Fun (1:30-3:00)
6.6   Japanese Garden Field Trip (10:15- 1:00)
6.7     Big Chautauqua in Auditorium
6.12    School Picnic 10-2

This week in…
-Bacteria, Nematodes, Fungi, Worms
-Vermicomposting – red wigglers, black soldier fly larvae

Unit 4, listening and speaking

practice reading above link (hiragana and kanji)
Practice for Friday’s dialogue quiz, see homework page
Statistics: Data About Us
-Looking at Data
-Using Graphs to Explore Data
-Organizing and Interpreting Data
-Identifying Mode, Median, Range, and Spread
-Experimenting with the Median
-Using Different Data Types
-Vertical and Horizontal Bar Graphs
Watson’s Go To Birmingham
-Introduction to Civil Rights Era
-Chapter 1:  And You Wonder Why We Get Called the Weird Watsons
-Chapter 2: Give My Regards to Clark Poindexter
-Chapter 3: The World’s Greatest Dinosaur War Ever