1.2: September 10-14

Important Dates
9.13 (sorry)School picture day, 9.20
9.19 Two-hour late opening
9.20 Back to School Night (K-2, 6:00-6:55; 3-5, 7:05- 7:55)

This Week in…
Bits and Pieces I: Understanding Fractions, Decimals, and Percentages
Problem 1.2: Folding Fraction Strips
Problem 1.3: Measuring Progress
Problem 1.4: Comparing Classes
Introduction to hiragana
first two columns
Introduction to Japanese Conversation
Systems Thinking
The Lorax project, part 1
Habit: Understanding the “Big Picture”
Systems Tool: detailed BOTG’s (behavior over time graphs)
Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution
Systems Tool: Ladder of Inference (mental models)

Personal Narrative Memoir
-pre-writing, generating a story bank
Understanding Aquaponics
The role of fish: production of ammonia
The role of bacteria: nitrosomonas (ammonia into nitrites) and nitrobacter
(nitrites into nitrates)
The role of plants: consumers of nitrates to purify water for fish
Closing the loop, food scraps into Black Soldier Fly larvae (fish food) and leachate (plant food)
Omnivore’s Dilemma
Part 1: The Industrial Meal: Food From Corn- Chapters 1-10
Big Question: Where does our food come from?
Chapter 1:  How Corn Took Over America
Chapter 2: The Farm
Chapter 3: From Farm to Factory