2.1: November 13-16


Parent drivers and volunteers needed for future field trips. The trips that require drivers will be short distances, like OMSI. Please fill out the following forms and turn in to the office. Thank you! 
Driver Qualification Form (1)
Volunteer Background Check (2)

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Important Dates:

11.19 & 11.20 Parent/Teacher Conferences- NO SCHOOL
*Call the office to schedule your conference time
11.21-11.23 Thanksgiving Break- NO SCHOOL
12.6  Grades 5-8 Science Fair (6:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m.)
12.12 Two-hour late opening, 10:45 start time
12.17-1.1 Winter Break- NO SCHOOL


Fava beans, an edible winter cover crop that adds nutrients to the soil and protects and feeds soil life

This week in…
Bits and Pieces II: Using Fraction Operations
Investigation 3: Multiplying With Fractions
Problem 3.5 Writing a Multiplication Algorithm (ACE 21-35)
Investigation 4: Dividing with Fractions
Problem 4.1 Preparing Food (ACE  1-4, 24-29)
Problem 4.2 Dividing a Fraction by a Whole Number (ACE 5-10, 30-34)
Problem 4.3 Summer Work (ACE 11-14, 36-37)
Introduction to Katakana
Conversation lesson 2.1
Omnivore’s Dilemma
16: The Market
17: My Grass Fed Meal
U.S. History
-500 Nations, the story of the Americas before exploration
Immaginative Narrative “2037: Designing a Hopeful Future”
Students will work on their outline before continuing with their stories.
Topics for paragraphs may include:
-energy sources (foods, fuels etc.)
-the house
-the school
-the community
The soil system