2.2: November 26-30

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Important Dates
 Grades 5-8 Science Fair (6:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m.)
12.12 Two-hour late opening, 10:45 start time
12.17-1.1 Winter Break- NO SCHOOL
1.15 OMSI Field Trip- OMNIMAX Hurricane on the Bayou, Cow eye dissection, Environmental chemistry lab. *Drivers wanted!
*Parent drivers and volunteers needed for future field trips. The trips that require drivers will be short distances, like OMSI. Please fill out the following forms and turn in to the office. Thank you! 
Driver Qualification Form (1)
Volunteer Background Check (2)

Strangely enough, they have a mind to till the soil, and the love of possessions is a disease in them. – Sitting Bull 1831-1890

This week in…
Science Fair (multiple revisions required) “continuous improvement かいぜん”, “successive approximation”
– Revise Background Information
Where did my idea come from? Why did I choose it? How does it solve a real world problem? What did I already know about it?
– Revise Analysis
What story does my graph tell? What observations did I make during experimentation? (see notes in science fair journal)
– Revise Conclusion
How does my hypothesis graph compare to my analysis graph? Any surprise discoveries? Any difficulties and how to correct them? What are some possible inquiries/questions I could do to further my knowledge on my topic?
Imaginative Narrative 2037: Writing about a positive future.
Guided by permaculture ethics and principles, systems thinking, and each students own creativity.
Introduction- getting to 2037
Body Paragraphs-  How are homes, schools, and communities designed? How do we use energy and take care of waste? What do we do for work and fun? Are we able to think more and work less?
Conclusion- How can the information you collected in the future help the present generation build that future?
500 Nations- Study of Native Americans from North to Central America
– medicine wheel way of life
-the personal shield
Book: One Straw Revolution
“Observe thoughtfully, rather that labor thoughtlessly.” Masanobu Fukuoka
Green Team: 
-planning in small groups
1. maintaining our system (inputs and outputs or stocks and flows)
2. continuous/gradual improvements to our system (focusing on efficiency and growth over time)
-reflecting on a days work
Green Team group goals include incorporating STEM skills, systems thinking, and permaculture ethics and principles. (STEM= Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics)
Dividing Fractions
Problem 4.3 Summer Work (ACE 11-14, 36-37)
Problem 4.4 Writing a Division Algorithm (ACE 15-23, 38, 40)
Review adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing fractions
Unit Assessment