2.5 January 2-4

Happy New Year Everyone! Let’s do more good for ourselves and others in 2013.

Fifth Grade Students and Parents, thank you very much for the kind words and generous gifts. You all made me feel very good heading into winter break. I loaded up our classroom bookshelf with Green Team books, bought perennial plants for the outdoor garden and greens for our aquaponic system, and finally enjoyed some wonderful and sustainable sashimi with Naoko.

We need your help, please consider contributing to our
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Important Dates

1.15 OMSI Field Trip- OMNIMAX Hurricane on the Bayou, Cow eye dissection, Environmental chemistry lab. *Drivers wanted!
* Both forms below must be completed and turned in to the office. 
Driver Qualification Form (1)
Volunteer Background Check (2)

This week in…
500 Nations: wisdom of indigenous cultures past and present in North and South America

Bits and Pieces III: Computing with Decimals and Percents
Investigation 1
Problem 1.3: Using Fractions to Add and Subtract Decimals (ACE 19-22, 49-52)
Problem 1.4: Decimal Sum and Difference Algorithms (ACE 23-32, 45, 46)
One Straw Revolution- Masanobu Fukuoka
-Four principles of natural farming
Directed Reading:
Check out a couple books from the Multnomah County Library. This months non-fiction topics are any green team subjects and indigenous people of North America, South America and Australia.
Imaginative Narrative: 2037 a Hopeful Future
– Organization; strong lead and thesis. Compare to the structure of A Christmas Carol; lead, thesis, organization (5 parts)
speaking: location of inanimate objects
reading hiragana
writing katakana
Systems Thinking
Positive Change Projects
examples: Portland Rebuilding Center, Omnivores Dilemma, Jamie Oliver, and Martin Luther King, Jr.
-Iceberg poster guidelines for Positive Change Projects
– Presentations January 22-25

Herb Spiral?

Herb Spiral?

Group Garden plots assigned
-Garden Boxes 1-6
-Insectary Garden
-Container Garden
-Herb Spiral Garden
Green Team
– Connection Circle on poster-board
– File folders for team and individuals
-Five Disciplines of Learning Organizations

  1. Shared Vision
  2. Personal mastery
  3. Team Learning
  4. Mental Models
  5. Systems Thinking