2.6: January 7-11

We need your help, please consider contributing to our
Green Team Wish List (Stepping stones, river rocks, and bricks  wanted for our garden)

Important Dates
1.15 OMSI Field Trip- OMNIMAX Hurricane on the Bayou, Cow eye dissection, Environmental chemistry lab. *Drivers wanted!
* Both forms below must be completed and turned in to the office. 
Driver Qualification Form (1)
Volunteer Background Check (2)

This week in…
500 Nations: wisdom of indigenous cultures past and present in North and South America

Bits and Pieces III: Computing with Decimals and Percents
Investigation 1
Problem 1.4: Decimal Sum and Difference Algorithms (ACE 23-32, 45, 46)
Investigation 2
Problem 2.1: Relating Fraction and Decimal Multiplication
ACE: 1-6, 34-39, 46-48
Problem 2.2: Missing Factors
ACE: 7-16
Problem 2.3: Finding Decimal Products
ACE: 17-24, 41-44, 49
Problem 2.4: Factor-Product Relationship
ACE: 25-33, 45, 50-55
One Straw Revolution- Masanobu Fukuoka
-Four principles of natural farming
Directed Reading:
Check out a couple books from the Multnomah County Library. This months non-fiction topics are any green team subjects and indigenous people of North America, South America and Australia.
Imaginative Narrative: 2037 a Hopeful Future
– Organization; strong lead and thesis. Compare to the structure of A Christmas Carol; lead, thesis, organization (5 parts)
speaking: location of inanimate objects
reading hiragana
writing katakana
Systems Thinking
Positive Change Projects
examples: Portland Rebuilding Center, Omnivores Dilemma, Jamie Oliver, and Martin Luther King, Jr.
-Iceberg poster guidelines for Positive Change Projects
– Presentations January 22-25

Group Garden plots assigned
-Garden Boxes 1-6
-Insectary Garden
-Container Garden
-Herb Spiral Garden
Green Team
– Connection Circle on poster-board
– File folders for team and individuals
-Five Disciplines of Learning Organizations

  1. Shared Vision
  2. Personal mastery
  3. Team Learning
  4. Mental Models
  5. Systems Thinking