3.2: February 11-15

Important Dates
2.15  Fifth Grade Taiko Performance, 11:30-11:50 a.m. Parents and guests are welcome to come.
2.18  Veteran’s Day-No School
2.20 Two Hour Late Start

This week in…
Geometry Review
•  Tools- bow compass, metric ruler
•  Drawing a perpendicular to a given line
•  Bisect any given angle
Geometry New
•  Drawing a rainbow using whole and fractional decimal units of measurement ranging from radius’s of  5 cm to 8.5 cm
•  Creating concentric circles from points and lines, bisecting a circle into 16 equal parts of 22.5˚

にほんご 日本語

Kanji Practice 1-10
3.2:  学    休       

Dialogue Practice Review

これは ほんですか。

いいえ,それは ノトでは ありません。

それは ノトですか。
はい、これは ノトです。

それは ほんですか。
いいえ,これは ほんでは ありません。

500 Nations: Mexico
• review Anasazi and Maya cultures and creations
• Aztec conquests and culture
• Cortez and Montecuhzoma


Systems Thinking
Positive Change Projects

•  Begin work on pechakucha for positive change projects
•  Focus: defining the problem/making our thinking visible through systems tools

Green Team Projects
•  Continuation on mathematical representation of ideas and using these ideas to communicate progress to group members and community

Permaculture Groups-

• Needs and yields assessment
•  Zone 1 planning
•  Integrating permaculture principles into projects

Plant Biographies:
Introduction: Lead, Thesis Statement