4.6: May 20-24

Important Dates…
     Third Grade and Fifth Grade Performance, 1:15 p.m. and 7:00 p.m..
5.27    Memorial Day- No School
5.31      Field of Fun
5.31       PTSA School Carnival; 5:00-8:00
6.3-7   Pechakucha Presentations (Positive Change Project)
6.13       All School Pic Nic
6.14    Big Chautauqua, 9:30-11:00

Japanese Garden Portland, Oregon

Japanese Garden
Portland, Oregon

This week in…

Data About Us

Investigation 3: Focusing on Mean
3.2: Data with the same mean (5-6, 10, 20-21)
3.3: Using the mean (9, 11-18, 22-23)

ひらがな singing practice:
Solo and Duet practice for big chautauqua

Artist in residence group work, practice time; run through, Tuesday May 21
1. Drama- Final run-throughs and costumes
2. Documentary- Final Editing, Presenting
3. Display- finish sculptures, potted plants, and displays
(Concept: Regeneration, beyond sustainability)

We the People, Group Presentations  (3-5 minutes, get to the point!)

Unit Three: How Does the Constitution Organize Our Government?
Lesson 11 What basic ideas about government are included in the Preamble to the Constitution? (Alex, Noah, Berit)
Lesson 12 How does the Constitution limit the powers of our government? (Ronan, Bo-bae, Frank)
Lesson 13 What is the legislative branch? (Alana, Zach, Jin)
Lesson 14 What is the executive branch? (Ethan, Luci, Fiona)
Lesson 15 What is the judicial branch? (Andrew, Maria, Ayla)
Lesson 16 How did the Constitution create a federal system of government? (Faryn, Wil, Owen, Tallis)

 Johnny Tremain- Genre: Historical Fiction (If time permits)
Chapter 2: The Pride of Your Power
Chapter 3: An Earth of Brass
Chapter 4: The Rising Eye

Garden Guild work time; time will be spent on both maintenance and improvements
maintenance = watering, removing plants out of place (weeds), harvesting, mulching, sweeping, arranging etc…
improvements = new plantings that improve the community, new structures, aesthetic improvements