1.0: September 4-6

Important Dates:
Two Hour Late Opening
Back to School Night (6:00-8:00)
10.9    Bull Run Watershed Field Trip (9:00-2:45)

Black Soldier Fly in Room 23

This week in…
• Building a community of math learners
• Habits of a mathematicians
• Discovering patterns in sequence of cube arrangements
• Using patterns to solve problems

•  Socratic seminar- agreements and processes
•  Systems thinking- 13 habits and important tools and concepts overview
•  The black soldier fly and the system

• kaiwa
A-san: sumimasen, eigo ga wakarimasuka.
B-san: iie, wakarimasen. nihongo ga wakarimasuka.
A-san: hai, sukoshi wakarimasu.
B-san: anataha amerikajin desuka.
A-san: hai watashiha amerikajin desu.
• hiragana
あ い う え お
か き く け こ