1.2: September 16-20

Important Dates:
Two Hour Late Opening
9.19   Elementary Picture Day
Elementary Back to School Night (6:00-6:50 grades K-2; 7:00-7:50 grades 3-5)
10.9    Bull Run Watershed Field Trip (9:00-2:45)

Volvox Colony How do they move?

Volvox Colony
How do they move?

This week in…
Naked Eye and Magnifying Glass Observations: Black soldier fly larvae .
Microscope Observations: Volvox, Vinegar Eel, Blepharisma
• Prime Factorization
• Order of Operations
• Dice Game
• Goldbach’s Conjecture
• Introducing Variables

•  Socratic seminar- TBA
•  Systems thinking- 13 habits and causal loops; reinforcing and balancing
•  Lorax project using systems thinking strategies to build a sustainable natural system. Tools used: Iceberg Model, BOTG’s, Causal Loops (Reinforcing and Balancing), Connection Circle, Ladder of Inference. Poster presentations on Thursday
•  Leveraging the black soldier fly cycle to serve our needs; waste reduction, plant and soil food, fish and chicken food.
• Omnivore’s Dilemma
Part 1: The Industrial Meal: Food From Corn
Chapter 2 The Farm
Chapter 3 From Farm to Factory
• Writing- begin personal memoir writing in computer lab on google docs
phase 3: strong leads
phase 4: clear and concise thesis
phase 5: beyond the introduction

• kaiwa
A-san: sumimasen, eigo ga wakarimasuka.
B-san: iie, wakarimasen. nihongo ga wakarimasuka.
A-san: hai, sukoshi wakarimasu.
B-san: anataha amerikajin desuka.
A-san: hai watashiha amerikajin desu.
• hiragana, first four columns

あ い う え お
二。か き く け こ
さ し す せ そ
四。た ち つ て と