2.7: January 13-17

Volunteer Opportunities

Important Dates
1.20 Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday Celebration- No School
1.22 Two Hour Late Opening
1.23 PTSA Variety Show 6 p.m.- 8 p.m.
1.28 Teacher Planning Day- No School
2.18 Presidents Day- No School


Example from SketchUp Garden Project with Mr. Giles (Winterhaven Fifth Grade Computer Lab Project)

This week in…
Multiplication, Division and Fractions
• Lowest remainder wins
• Same Dividend, Double the Divisor
• Making Fraction Kits
• Green teams measurement projects
Socratic Seminar: Stride Toward Freedom- Martin Luther King, Jr.

Watson’s Go to Birmingham- 1963
Chapter 4: Froze-Up Southern Folks
Chapter 5: Nazi Parachutes Attack America
Chapter 6: Swedish Cremes and Welfare Cheese
Chapter 7: Every Chihuahua in America Lines Up to Take a Bite out of Byron

• Practicing to read aloud our 2038 stories
• Gathering sources for plant biographies and working with graphic organizers
• Positive Change Ice-berg posters using behavior over time graphs, connection circles, causal loops and ladder of inference to articulate mental models.

Permaculture- work in native plant, bug, and bird garden. Building top soil and planning for Spring planting. Maintenance on pathways in food forest, mapping our five work areas, needs assessment. Designing garden guilds for synergetic effect.

-writing places; cities and countries in katakana(カタカナ)
reading ue wo muite arukou in hiragana (ひらがな)