3.1: January 28-31

Volunteer Opportunities

Important Dates
1.27 Teacher Planning Day- No School
2.18 Presidents Day- No School
3.5  Field Trip- Arlene Schnitzer, Portland Youth Philharmonic

hummingbird-on-salvia-clevelandii-alpine-cleveland-sage-wideThis week in…
• Experimental Probability
• Theoretical Probability
rolling two dice
flipping three coins
card game 21
Green Team- Math measurement project work time

Socratic Seminar #4
Text: The Missing Axe A Tale from China 

Watson’s Go to Birmingham- 1963
Chapter 9: The Watson’s Go to Birmingham- 1963
Chapter 10: Tangled Up in God’s Beard
Chapter 11: Babo Brazil Meets the Shiek
Chapter 12: That Dog Won’t Hunt No More

• Plant Biographies
Paragraph 1: strong lead and thesis statement
Paragraph 2: Plant Needs
Paragraph 3: Plant Yields
Paragraph 4: Plant Propagation
Paragraph 5: Conclusion

• Positive Change Project Outline (Work to be done at school)
I.   The “snap shot” at the tip of the iceberg
II.  Change over time, measuring patterns and trends
III. How are the parts interdependent?
IV.  Mental Models

Permaculture- work in native plant, bug, and bird garden. Building top soil and planning for Spring planting. Maintenance on pathways in food forest, mapping our five work areas, needs assessment. Designing garden guilds for synergetic effect.

– kanji (1-10)
右 下 雨 花 日 貝 王 一 音 円

– reading ue wo muite arukou in hiragana (ひらがな)
– conversation dialogues from listening lab, Dialogues 1 and 2